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We have Bidadvantage for Schools training seminars available every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 EST.  If you would like to sign-up for one of our training sessions, please contact Emily at 800-293-2909 x1002.


If you would like to schedule a vendor training session, please contact Emily at 800-293-2909 x1002.


Q.  How is Interflex able to provide BidAdvantage for Schools as a free resource?

A:  The manufacturer advertisements throughout BidAdvantage for Schools allow Interflex to provide the system to K-12 schools at no cost.  We then use the bid data from BidAdvantage for Schools to populate our Awarded Bids database.  Manufacturers subscribe to this database to find new bid opportunities, award information, price points, and other information.


Q:  What are the advantages to using BidAdvantage for Schools over my current process?

A:  BidAdvantage for Schools is an online tool, not software, so you can work from any computer at any time!  You will be able to discover new products and gather the information you need right from the tool using manufacturer advertised products.  This saves time and gets you the products you need.  Bids are published electronically directly to your chosen contacts and vendors, ensuring more competition and a quicker return time.  The system simplifies and streamlines the bid process by allowing you to complete the bid from start to finish in one place, with one tool.


Q: Can I or my vendors change the Vendor Bid Form Excel file?

A:  No, you may not change the vendor bid form.  This file is formatted in a particular manner to ensure you are getting the most complete and accurate information from your bidding vendors.  The file will not import into the BidAdvantage system correctly if it is modified or formatted in a different way.


Q:  How was my previous bid information entered in your system, and how did you create the product attributes?

A:  Interflex has been working in School Foodservice for over 6 years. We have a research team that contacts schools across the country and requests copies of bid opportunities and awards. We take this information in any format and key it into a database. We also standardize and categorize products, manufacturers, distributors, pack sizes and bid units. We studied the specifications that we received from the 700+ school districts we track, and created common attributes for each product category.